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Meet Rita Tesolin


Designer, artist, and connoisseur of statement pieces, Rita Tesolin is the “Queen of Costume Jewelry”. Shortly after her launch in 2003, she was quickly labeled the “Stone Angel” by Elle Canada, which was soon followed by being placed on Elle’s “Hot 100” list. Along with holding the mantle as the Stone Angel, she was later crowned “Queen of Costume Jewelry” by Flare Magazine.


Now approaching 20 years in the industry, Rita’s reputation precedes her. Her pieces are nothing short of enchanting. Gemstones and precious metals are delicately woven together by time, dedication, and Rita’s secret ingredient behind her transcendent trademark: her ability as an ingenious visionary.


 She was as young as ten years old when she started creating her own jewelry – and not of the macaroni and glitter variety. Ten-year-old Rita was ahead of the game using stones, leather, and straps. As she got older, life had its way of throwing its curve balls as it does, and she ended up stepping away from her jewelry and arts and shifted towards being fully involved in her academics. She went on to pursue law at the University of Windsor where she graduated with her LLB and began practicing Intellectual Property Law. She practiced for several years when her natural calling came knocking back on her door. In 2003, Rita decided to trade in the courtroom for the runway. Of course, this feat had its fair share of critics, as some people frowned upon her decision. What people hoped would have a silver lining, ended up having a diamond encrusted bezel.


The Stone Angel has since collaborated with many fashion designers. Her creations have been a regular on the runways during Toronto Fashion Week since 2004. Her designs have graced the covers of Elle Canada, Elle Quebec, Flare, Zinc, Wedlux, Chatelaine, Today’s Bride, Fashion, and many more. After taking Canada by a storm, Rita Tesolin original pieces have begun to make their mark in international magazines, such as Vogue Italia and Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam. She also has a range of celebrity clientele, which include: Taylor Swift, Carly Rae Jepsen, Nelly Furtado, Sheryll Crow, Pink, Drew Barrymore, Kesha, Coco Rocha, and former Canadian Prime Minister’s wife, Laureen Harper.


Rita Tesolin pieces can be found in high end fashion boutiques in Canada, the United States, Puerto Rico, Malaysia, and South Africa. She designs all of her lines and hand crafts each of her one of a kind pieces in her Toronto studio. She oversees all production and manufacturing and also works diligently with large international retailers providing their private label accessories (F.O.B Toronto).


The Rita Tesolin signature butterfly represents her metamorphosis from law to design. She was cocooned for so long until she decided to embrace her true self and was able to spread her wings. What sets her aside from others? It’s simple: Passion.


Rita Tesolin creates one of a kind quality pieces, each bold, dazzling, and with its own personality. She believes you should never compromise on quality, that is why she delves into her creations 110%. It is not simply about purchasing a piece or adding it to a collection, it is about gaining an experience. It is magical. The feeling, the confidence, the energy people exude when they wear something that was made for them; that is what fuels her craft.  


It is the shared experience of being able to create for others and seeing how the creations make them feel. It is about the pieces that speak to their soul and make them feel empowered and grand, or simply at home with themselves. It is the feeling of Cinderella and her glass slipper. Each piece she creates is designed to give the individual who wears it the feeling of a butterfly spreading its wings.  


“It is an honour to make pieces for people. To be asked to design for them is the biggest compliment for me."




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